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SARWT has identified the absence of a central Last Will tracking system as a void in our legal system.  To address this issue we have launched the SARWT online National Will Register in May 2013.

Death remains a difficult subject to discuss with a person’s passing often unforeseen, leaving loved ones with the difficulty of finalising the deceased’s affairs which they are normally unfamiliar with.  Establishing the existence and whereabouts of a Will during this difficult time can be cumbersome involving endless enquiries at the various service providers in the field. There is an ever present possibility that a Will, or a last and up to date Will for that matter, will go undiscovered. SARWT addresses this very issue with its online National Will Register!

Registration will ensure that a person’s Last Will does not go undetected following his or her passing, ensuring that one’s last wishes are made known!

SARWT aspires to serve the public as this invaluable service will:

  • Encourage and promote efficiency in the administration process of deceased estates;
  • Contribute to time and cost savings;
  • Ensure legal certainty concerning the existence and whereabouts of a person’s Will once registered on the South African Will Registry’s database.

Our Mission is to:

  • Establish the SARWT National Will Register as the primary reference point to ascertain whether the deceased has a Will;
  • Safeguard the interests of the Testator/Testatrix by ensuring that his/her Will does not go undetected, protecting freedom of testation.

Your collaboration in our community will register project will make a difference!  Please visit “Participate” to view the various ways you can be part of the National Will Register initiative. 

Please help us achieve a paperless office environment by directing your enquiries electronically to the SARWT Team at adminatsarwt

SARWT – Serving You, Serving our Community!

Yours faithfully

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