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Registry of Wills and Testaments

For the Professional

By registering your client Wills, your interests as Executor will be safeguarded as the testators’ beneficiaries will have your details readily available with the click of a button, ensuring that you will be informed of your client's passing, enabling you to proceed with the administration process without delay.

The National Will Register serves as a useful tool, protecting your clients’ interests by confirming the existence and location of their respective Wills via our search function once registered. As pointed out, your details as Executor will be readily available.

You can participate by registering your client Wills, including Living Wills, at no cost to you or your client!  Participation can only benefit you and your client.

The SARWT National Will Register has the ability to serve as your own Will Database linked to that of colleagues. 

It is important to note that we do not require any of your clients' contact details apart from an email address which is required for purposes of sending a generic confirmation of registration.  For full details of information required for registration, please click here.

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