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My name is Annelie du Plessis and I’m an attorney at ProBono.Org. I manage the Wills and Deceased Estates Projects at our offices in Braamfontein.

I often deal with disputes between family members after a loved one has passed away. In most of these cases, the disputes relate to a family home that has to devolve in terms of the intestate succession provisions. It is therefore my firm belief that a valid will would resolve most of these disputes between relatives. Having said that, this is exactly where the problem starts. We frequently find that family members do not have knowledge of their loved ones’ will’s whereabouts or even if a loved one had a will to begin with.  

I am convinced that this facility offered by the SARWT would greatly assist our offices in determining whether a valid will exists and where it could be found but more so, it would assist our clients in resolving or possibly avoiding family home disputes.

I further foresee that this search facility would not only create legal certainty by confirming the presence of a will, allowing the testate process to take its course but also by expediting the process of reporting a will, ultimately benefiting the beneficiaries often being children in need of maintenance and support.    

I recommend this service to our clients, communities, attorneys, NGOs, organisations and law clinics dealing with deceased estates but mostly the public at large.

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